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Frosted Glass Paint of Lamp Shade

Frosted Glass Paint of Lamp Shade

                The use of frosted glass as house interiors is not a rare thing anymore. The main advantage which softens the direct sunlight from outside the room is liked by many people. Therefore, many people are using frosted glass for lamp shade. It is useful for diffusing the light from the bulb itself. Today, the colors of the shades are not limited into some particular color like white. More colors are available and even you can change the colors of your lamp shade. Wondering how? Now, I will discuss the alternatives of frosted glass paint of lamp shade that you can do by yourself.

Alternatives of Frosted Glass Paint of Lamp Shade 

Here are some steps that you can do to paint your frosted glass of lamp shade. First, wash the lamp shade until it is completely clean. Then, let it dry for a while. It is important to wait until the lamp shade is dry completely. By using a paint brush, paint the shade in the same direction. After the first coat is dry, repeat once more so there will be a second coat applied. Make sure you paint with the same color for the first and second coat. And it is done. You have another color of lamp shade.

The second possible way of frosted glass paint of lamp shade is by blending two colors. Take two colors into the paper plate. Wet the sponge and dip the corner of the sponge into the paint colors. Paint it into the half of lamp shade. Wet another sponge to the other side of lamp shade that has not been painted. Next, repaint the lamp shade while it is still wet. It is done so that the color can blend. And you are done painting. It is easy right to do the two ways above? So, try it out and good luck.

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