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How to Paint Fireplace Brick

How to Paint Fireplace Brick for Home Makeover

How to Paint Fireplace Brick
Fireplace brick might lose its quality of color. The fade color might give a terrible look for your room. However, it is important to know that a brand new brick cannot be painted right away. So, you need at least one year waiting for drying, weathering, and leaching process. Exterior bricks need a porous tyoe of paint for the air circulation.

DIY: How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

How to Paint Fireplace Brick
Painting an exterior brick fireplace is not a difficult thing to do. Therefore, you can always do it on your own. The purpose of painting is to create a new dramatic look for both your fireplace and your room. The first thing to know is to figure out whether you have the perfect material. Limestone, sandstone, and river rock are the materials that are harder to change after you paint them. So, make sure the fireplace has brick material. The second is to clean the brick in order to make the paint adheres and dries perfectly. You can use wire scrub brush and apply TSP to wash the bricks. Use tape to protect the areas that you don’t paint.

After cleaning, apply a primer towards the entire surface of the bricks. It helps to protect your paint from the stains. When the primer is dry, you can start painting the bricks. You can choose indoor latex paint that can resist the high temperatures. The latex paint is available in three types: flat, semi gloss, and gloss. You can use a roller to paint textured surfaces and latter to cover the surface of the brick.

Things to Keep in Mind in Painting Fireplace Brick

How to Paint Fireplace Brick
Brick has built-in color and durability. If brick is ever painted, then the repainting needs to be done in every three to five years. It is important to know that paint might obstruct the natural pores of the bricks, while the pores are functioned to evaporate the moisture. When you are no longer happy with the paintings, you might need to remove the color from bricks. It needs chemicals product which also cannot perfectly erase the paint.

The number one concern of maintaining fireplace brick is its moisture. The water can get into the brick through the pores. To avid long-term damage, it is important to let the brick dry before starting to paint it. The priming process is better done by using alkaline-resistant type in order to keep the durability of your paint.

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