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How to fix plaster wallseasily

The complicated processes of installing a plaster wall might make people think that fixing it would be more complicated. It is not necessarily true, it would be easy if you know how to fix plasterwalls. These are the easiest ways to fix plaster walls.

How to fix plaster walls with plaster filler


Plaster filler will only be effective on small cracks, not on big holes. What you need to do is clean the cracks first from the loose plasters with a utility knife. You will also need to patch the crack with the utility knifeif the crack is too narrow. After the patching is done, clean it from the dust.

Now, apply the filler into the crack with a putty knife. Spread it back and forth until the level is even. When the filler is dry, you will have to sand it. That’s all, your plaster is ready to be painted.

How to fix plaster walls with expanding foam filler



This is the easiest way to fix a hole on your plaster wall, maybe easier than fixing small cracks.First, put on your dust mask and remove any loose plaster from the hole, don’t worry about the hole becoming bigger.

Shake the foam can first before using it to get a better result. Then, spray the foam into the hole carefully. Don’t spray too much, because the foam will expand and dry itself in about 30 minutes.
When it is completely dry, you can cut the residue foam with a utility knife, or with a saw if it is a big hole. Lastly, sand it to make it level and it is ready to be painted.

Knowing how to fix plaster wallsin an easy way, you can fix your own plaster wall without asking an expert which will cost you more money. What about the result? If you do it carefully, the result can be better than an expert can give with his complicated methods.

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