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Corner Storage Cabinet; Bathroom, Powder Room, and Bookshelf

Corner Storage Cabinet; Bathroom, Powder Room, and Bookshelf

                Cornerstorage cabinet is in the air! There are just so many people who have applied the idea that corner is not only a place to punish naughty children, but can also be a great place to set furniture and save more space in a small house!

                One of the greatest idea to make use of the empty corner is by using a sink as a corner storage cabinet. The sink, of course, becomes the heart of the cabinet. This idea really works for a small bathroom. The cabinet does not need to be big and spacious. Instead, the sink cabinet should only contain the bathroom stuff such as cosmetics, towel, tissue, or anything needed in the bathroom. The idea is simply to get the most out of the small room, and to get anything belong to the bathroom stays in the bathroom. In this way, you can still have a sink; a small cabinet to keep the stuff, and more space in the bathroom. Another idea that you might try is by using a corner cabinet to store books. You can pick either the classic wooden storage shelves bookcase or a simple stainless steel triangle shelf. The stainless steel shelf looks more modern and it helps your house more if you want to combine books and flowers of CD or even ceramics.

                There even one crazy idea to make use the best out of a corner of the room: a powder room. As stated in Pinner, we can even use the one of the corner, which is also a corner in your house right under the staircase, as a powder room. The corner storage cabinet is turned into a powder room which consists of one mirror, one sink, and one toilet. It’s gonna be a dry toilet as well. Some people just don’t really appreciate it, but the idea is actually great.

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