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Flammable Storage Cabinet

Flammable Storage Cabinet

Have you seen yellow cabinet which is known as flammable storage cabinet? Yes, some of you may know about it while some others may not know. Regarding to the appearance, flammable storage cabinet seems similar to the other storage cabinets. It is true but a lot of differences between them can also be found. In fact, the similarity between flammable storage cabinets and other cabinets is from the look only. Knowing the important use it has, there are some concerns related to this type of cabinet. And these differ between flammable storage cabinet and other cabinets.

Considerations of Flammable Storage Cabinet

                Because of different function it has compared to other cabinets, these are some considerations that flammable storage cabinet must have. First, the cabinet must have a conspicuous lettering ‘Flammable – Keep Fire Away’. Some people may not notice it but it is a requirement for flammable cabinet to have. Let’s move to the consideration about the door. It must include three-point locks which are located at the top, the side and the bottom of the door. The point of having three-point lock is done so that the heat in the cabinet is being kept inside. Once the heat is exposed outside the cabinet, it will be useless.

Next consideration is from the limit volume of the cabinet. It must not be overcapacity as it can increase the risk that containers inside the cabinet to fall once the door is opened. The use of ventilation can also be the alternative if the cabinet is overcapacity. The last consideration is to ensure that the cabinet is strong enough to support the containers inside. Double-walled specification is chosen so that the liquids inside the cabinet will not be exposed out of the cabinet.

The basic idea from all those considerations is that safety always comes first. Therefore, some specifications are needed so that it will not endanger everyone.

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