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Repainting black storage cabinet on Your Own

Repainting black storage cabinet on Your Own

                Storage cabinets become a main priority that a house needs to have. Since there are various sizes, colors and styles people might find if confusing to choose. Choosing a black storage cabinet can be a good alternative for those who have a classic design in their house and white storage cabinet is also elegant for those who have a modern design. Since there are many choices of paints make sure to choose one that can last long. If it’s your fist time painting your storage cabinet you need to read some sources to ease you in practicing the paint and here are steps to paint a storage cabinet with black color.

Steps Painting Black Storage Cabinet 

                Before panting black storage cabinet with a new black color you need to prepare a well-ventilated work area, a paint scraper and fine-grit sandpaper. Then, the first step you need to do is taking the cabinet apart and give label to each part to ease you in reinstalling it. Moreover, use the paint scraper to get rid of the old paint. You also can let the old paint on the cabinet and paint it with the new black color. From those two ways, the first one is mostly applied to repaint the cabinet with a new color. To get the best result of the painting, utilize the orbital sander and a fine-grit sandpaper to buff the cabinet surface. After sanding the cabinet, clean it with a rag and water. Dry the cabinet before it’s repainted.

                After the cabinet completely dry, you can start applying the metal prime. Apply the prime little by little and let it dry completely. After the surface is dry completely sand the surface to create a smooth surface. Then, apply the metal paint with the color that you want either it’s black or white storage cabinet. During the painting, don’t paint the first layer with an excessive amount of paint but do it partly by partly until all parts are dry. After the first layer is dry completely add the second layer to get a better result of color. Finish with the second part of painting let the surface dry for some hours. To make it dry fast place the cabinet in an open area. Then, when you think that it’s dry enough you can reinstall the cabinet and put the things back in it. By following those steps you’ll be able to get the best painted cabinet with a new color.

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