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Some history of Lucite end table and other Lucite Furniture

Some history of Lucite end table and other Lucite Furniture

                Most of you might have known well about the Lucite furniture. However, do you know about the history of this magnificent invention of furniture? If you have no idea about the history of this product but you want to know about it, then this will be the right article for you to read as we are going to talk about the history of Lucite product. However, before we talk about the brief history of this product, it seems that there are still many people out there who do not know what Lucite is, and giving them information about what Lucite is might be a good idea. For those who do not know what Lucite is, Lucite is one of the most famous furniture manufacturers in the United States of America. Many people, especially by those people who like to have some artistic furniture inside their house, have used the product. However, even though so many people have been using this product for so long, only few who know the history of this product. 

The history of Lucite furniture

                The history of this magnificent furniture starts back in the years of 1930s where a group of two companies consisted of DuPont and Rohm & Haas developed the materials that would be known for Lucite. The name is actually a brand just like when you describe Kleenex for a wet tissue or Xerox for photocopy machine. Back then, the Lucite furniture had not gained the popularity like today. The popularity of this brand came in the 80s when a lot of people used the product of this manufacturer because it was often related with glamorous disco era. Back in the year when it was first developed by its original developer, the two companies that I have mentioned previously, Lucite started to enter the market in the year of 1937, just a couple of years after the material had been developed for the mas use. Soon, after entering the market, the manufacturer saw a chance that the material they had used for building furniture could be used for making something else such as Jewelry and handbags. However, the one that is still popular until now is the furniture product as the quality of the furniture made by Lucite was better when it is compared to the rest of the manufacturer of furniture. So, with you knowing the brief history about Lucite furniture, I am sure that you want to have some of its product in your house.         

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