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What is a Flammable Storage Cabinet?

What is a Flammable Storage Cabinet?

                What is a flammable storage cabinet? Well, a flammable storage cabinet is, of course, a cabinet which is used to store flammables and chemicals. If a black box is colored orange, just like other important stuff used to store urgently needed stuff, a flammable cabinet has a pretty eye-catching color; yellow. This yellow storage cabinet is used to store flammables and chemicals such as corrosive and pesticides. The cabinet is mainly built as a response to the awareness of fire wrath. Flammables and chemical storage unit is fire resistant. It is not common for a house to have such kind of cabinet, unless they use pesticides and something else. It is more common for a work place of an office.

                One thing that people need to know about flammable storage cabinet is that they should not have vent. It is not required for the cabinet to have vent. Even the Federal regulatory agency does not recommend it. However, the factory may provide the bungs for venting. To get the ventilated cabinet, the customer should have the permission assigned by the state or the local codes, or the requiring company. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the function of the flammable cabinet is to protect the flammable stored from the fire outside the cabinet. Therefore, a vent, or an access to reach the flammables, are not necessarily provided. And if the vent is importantly required for whatever reason, then, the vent should be ducted directly to outdoors. Not only that, but vent requirement for a cabinet is also strictly managed in NFPA. There are at least five requirements that a customer should fulfill before deciding to put a vent on the cabinet, which includes the classification or health hazard, permission by Fire Marshall, Environmental health and Safety, insurance company, and also a consultation by an industrial hygienist.

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