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Small Storage Cabinet

Small Storage Cabinet

                Talking about small storage cabinet does not mean that they should be put in a small room, such as bedroom. Instead, small storage cabinet can be put anywhere, depends on the small item that people want to store. There are several ideas or small cabinet which surely will beautify your house, and some of them are also DIY.

                The two popular small storage cabinet that people love the most is storage tower and wall cabinet. Wall cabinet is actually pretty easy to make and it really saves enough space. Mounting a wall cabinet to store toilet paper, table clock, hair brush, toothbrush, and many more are pretty recommended. On the other hand, storage tower is even pretty nice and really saves space. The cabinet is on the form of compartments attached to the wall. Each compartments has approximately 20 centimeter in width, and 40 centimeters in height. Another practical small storage which can be put in the bathroom is using the space underneath the sink as a place for bins. To make it nice, patterned skirt is used to cover t function as “curtain”.

                Then, there is also another great idea of small storage cabinet, but not many people agree with it. A free-standing storage can actually be function as two things: storage and decoration. Putting a storage ladder at the corner of the house can really bring a modern and unique atmosphere to the house. Some people use the storage ladder to store towel (again). However, some are pretty creative as they use it as furniture to exhibit ceramics collection, books, or even flowers. Even though ladder cannot be transformed into cabinet, however, using a ladder as furniture is also another idea. Some people paint a ladder and put it against the wall at the bathroom for tower rack. Some also use the ladder as newspaper and magazines rack, and put it in their terrace or living room.

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