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Tempered Frosted Glass Desk, Much Safer than Regular Glass Desk

Frosted glass is not only found as the interior of doors or windows but it could also be used as the interior of desk. Tempered frosted glass desk can be found in many offices nowadays. The main concern of using this kind of desk is because of the safety reason. How could it be possible? Here, we will discuss tempered frosted glass desk which has been really popular lately.

Safety Reason of Tempered Frosted Glass Desk

Desks, as one of vital furniture, are commonly found in the offices or particular rooms in a house. Because of its major use in daily life, people are demanding more development from glass desk which is safer and stronger than the regular glass. As we all know, regular glass can break easily into sharp pieces. In fact, it could danger everyone. Today, glass manufacturers concerned more on the safety for the customers by creating tempered frosted glass desk. First, the glass is much stronger and thicker compared to regular glass. It has gone through the process of heating and cooling which makes it stronger. The worst scenario happens when the glass is broken, tempered frosted glass tend to break pebble-like piece which reduces the risk of getting injured. Because of the thicker glass, the weight that the desk can carry is also getting bigger. Still, you have to be careful not to put much stuff on your desk. Therefore, it is claimed that tempered frosted glass can be safer choice for you.

Aesthetic Reason of Tempered Frosted Glass Desk

Aside from the safety concern, people are also looking at the appearance of glass desk. The frosted effect given on the glass surface makes the desk look simple, chic and modern. The impression of desk, especially if it is place in living room or at the office, will be the first thing to notice. And the use of frosted glass makes it more elegant and attractive. By using tempered frosted glass, your desk will look more stylish as well as the safety reason will be the taken into a consideration.

Interior Doors with Frosted Glass

Frosted glass has been really popular lately due to the high demand from the customers. Aside from its advantage to keep privacy, the design is often becoming the main reason people want to use frosted glass as their houses’ interior. The simple but elegant decoration becomes the magnet for those who want to have stylish look as well as not losing the privacy.

Besides using it for windows, interior doors with frosted glass is a common thing. Mostly, people will use it for bathroom. Privacy becomes the main reason here. Here, we will talk more about interior doors with frosted glass as well as the reason why people choose to use it instead of using clear glass doors.

Some Designs Frosted Glass Doors

These days, applying interior doors with frosted glass can improve the look of the house as it has many different designs that customers can choose. Some of the common frosted doors are floral patterns and crisscross lines. People can also suit their style of houses with the design they are going to apply. For those who have traditional style in their houses, interior frosted glass doors with wooden frames will be suitable. If you have modern houses, simple, contemporary and stylish frosted glass doors can be as your choice.

Some other designs for frosted glass doors are frameless simple and slide along the wall and frameless full-glass panels. It looks best with black or white color because of the simple but elegant style. Frameless full-glass panels will give the door a sense of floating, without any frame in any side.

Why Many People Choose Interiors Doors with Frosted Glass?

Aside from the upgrade appearance you will get, the material of the doors lets the lights in to the room without losing your privacy. The frosted glass surface will blur the view from outside the room. It can be as your safety reason, too. The installment of the doors can be done in any part of your house like in your bathroom, kitchen, or living room. The last but not least, frosted glass doors will also bring clean look for the room. So, you want to have one?

How to hang pictures on plaster walls

It is important to know how to hang pictures on plaster walls before you punch a nail to you fragile plaster wall. One unnecessary mistake can break your entire wall, and it will cost you much money and time to fix it.

What needed to hang pictures on plaster walls

What you need to prepare before starting the workare a cordless drill or hammer, nails or wood screws, hooks, and wall anchors.The size of the nails, the screws, and the wall anchors will depend on the size of pictures you are going to hang. Nails can only be used for small pictures, while wood screws are appropriate for big pictures.

How to hang pictures on plaster walls

First of all, make a hole with the cordless drill. The hole should be smaller than the nails or screws you are going to use. Making a hole will not be necessary if the nail you are going to use is very small, but still, carefulness is a must when you tap it with a hammer.

Making the hole should be done carefully, especially when the drill hits the slats. The extreme vibration or hit on a slat will shake the entire wall and may disengage the plaster from the slats.
Then, put the wall anchor carefully into the hole. The wall anchor functions as a fastener when the screw is longer than the wall thickness. However, it won’t be needed if the hole you made is right on the wall stud. When the hole is right on the stud, you can screw the wood screw directly without planting a wall anchor first.
When the nails or screws are ready, you can hang your pictures on it. If in case you feel that one screw is not enough, you can make additional holes below the pictures.

Painting plaster walls

Painting plaster walls requires more labor-intensive works than painting a drywall. It needs more process and more paint, which makes it quite expensive. Rather than spending your money to pay someone to paint your plaster wall, you can paint it by yourself by following the guides below.

Wait until the plaster is dry

First of all, the plaster should be totally dry. The length of time needed to wait depends on the plaster used. Painting when they are still damp or even wet will make the wall becomes moldy, because the paint coats will seal the surface of the wet plaster which makes the plaster cannot ‘breathe’.

Clean the plaster

When the plaster is totally dry, you can do the next step; cleaning. Make sure that the overall surface is smooth by sanding the plaster, don’t forget to use a dust mask because the very soft dust will be dangerous for your lung. Lastly, remove the dust residue from the surface using a damp sponge, but make sure that you don’t wet it.
Start with primer coat
In making primer coats, there are two options that you can choose. Using plaster sealer, or mist coats. The latter option can be made by mixing one part of water withfour parts of matt water-based paint.
Apply the paint all over the plaster surface. You can use a roll for a larger area to make it quick, and use a brush for small areas. If one coat does not seem enough, you may give another coat to be sure.


Once the primer coat is dry, it is ready to be painted. It is important to note that the use of the same roller or brush is not recommended because there must be unwanted dust from the plaster on the used roller or brush. That dust will make the finishing coat look scratched and messy instead of smooth. Use new roller and brush, or wash them with water for a better result of painting.

One important tip is, lay down some drop cloths under the wall you are working on and cover your windows and doors frame with tape or paper. Doing that way, you won’t need to waste your time cleaning the paint drops after painting.

Learning the Steps of How to Frost Glass Windows

There are many reasons to use frosted glass for houses and building nowadays. The most common reason is because of the privacy that is offered when people are applying frosted glass. Also, the quality of materials which lets the light to come inside the room also becomes another plus point. Therefore, frosted glass is usually used as windows or doors of bathroom. However, not everyone understands how to frost glass. Here, we will talk about some steps for making frosted windows.

Temporary Frosting Glass Windows

The first option you can do to frost glass windows is by using temporary way. Tracing paper, scissors, frosting spray, and temporary adhesive are the ‘ingredients’ you need. First, cut the tracing paper so it fits the size of your windows. Second, attach it to the glass by using temporary adhesive. Design the shape that you want onto the tracing paper. Next, take it down and cut out the design by using scissors. Reattach the paper back to the window. By using frosting spray, spray the exposed part of the window. When it is completely dry, remove the tracing paper of the design. Just in case you are not satisfied with the result, a rough cloth or razor blade can clean the windows.

Permanent Frosting Glass Windows

The second option of how to frost glass windows is by using permanent way. All you need is soap and water solution, wallpaper brush, clear self-adhesive shelf paper or frosted window film and scissors. Wash the windows until it is completely clean. Then, spray the windows with a soap and water solution. Use stick-on film cut to the window size. By using wallpaper brush, there will air bubbles formed. Try to brush it to the glass windows. For the permanent result will be gotten because of the blend between soap and the adhesive paper. Just wait some couple of minutes and you will get your permanent frosting glass windows.

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