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Creating Your Own Plaster Wall Designs

Plaster Wall Designs 

One of many ways in decorating your interior walls is by utilizing plaster wall. Utilizing plaster wall doesn’t need any special skill and it doesn’t cost much money too. Whether you want to ornate the whole walls in your house or just some areas in it you can utilize this wallpaper. Plaster walls can be applied both inside and outside the building and there are some types of plasters you can choose for your house like lime plaster, gypsum plaster and cement plaster. Each of those plaster walls have different qualities and properties as well as different prices.

Some Plaster Wall Design Ideas

Since there are some designs of plaster walls you need to know each of them in order to choose the best one that suits your house design. The first idea to create an aesthetic plaster wall is using the basics design. Commonly, all types of plaster designs don’t need complicated tools and mediums. To create basics design prepare water, some wallpaper brushes, a whisk and a bucket of joint compound. Start to mix the joint compound with water in the bucket until it becomes a heavy pancake batter. After you think that the batter is heavy enough to be used you can practice applying it on a cardboard. Then, when you think the result of the batter is good enough start applying it on your wall and if you make mistake while applying it, you can smooth it easily using a roller.

Create a Unique Plaster Wall Ideas

Another idea to create a unique plaster wall is using stucco method. Stucco is commonly used for exterior walls but nowadays people start applying it for their interior walls too. Stucco is suitable for those who want to find natural stone look for their room. It gives a rustic and traditional effect towards a house. In order to create stucco you need to prepare the compound, sand and cement. Mix those materials until it looks like a batter and practice to apply it on a cardboard before applying on your walls. After it comes out the result is good you can start applying it. Before that, clean the walls from any paint and dirt to make the stucco adhere strongly on the wall. Make sure that you dampen the surface of the wall before applying the stucco. You need to know that it needs several days for stucco to dry completely.
Modify Unique Plaster Wall Ideas

In addition, you can modify your children’s rooms using plaster walls. After the basic plaster dries well you can add designs to your children’s rooms. As it only needs around 20 minutes for the basic plaster to dry you can create simple designs like circles or squares. Moreover, you can create other designs that you children want like animation or robot designs but you need to keep in mind that those designs need longer time to finish. Beside decorating your children rooms, you also can decorate your ceiling using plaster. Choose the areas you want to plaster and practice the design using stencils or other media. No need to worry if you make mistakes since you can sand down the design to redo it.

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