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Tips and Trick for Removing Wall Plaster

Removing Wall Plaster at Your Home

Changing the interior design in a house will give a different feeling towards the home owner. There are many options to change the interior design which one of them is changing the wall plaster with a new one. It’s quite a job to remove wall plasters on the wall but it isn’t like impossible to try. Many alternatives to remove wall plasters are available in internet and here is one of those ways in removing plaster on your wall that you can use as a reference.

Steps to Remove Wall Plaster at Your Home

The first thing to prepare before removing plaster walls are safety gloves, safety glasses, a mask and ear plugs. Removing plasters on walls enables dirt to fly to you and by wearing those tools you’ll be protected from any dust and debris. Moreover, it’s known that plaster flies easily to anywhere so it’s better to protect your body from it. After preparing the equipment for your body, start covering the floor with plastic or plywood to ease the cleaning session. It’s better to choose plywood rather than plastic to cover the floor since it’s easily cleaned and lifted. Beside covering the floor with plywood or plastic prepare the trash can in that room to ease in throwing the plaster after removing it. If it’s needed, prepare 2 trash cans at once since you don’t know whether one is enough. Preparing the trash cans beforehand also eases you in dropping the residue rather waiting until it accumulates.

Cut the plaster from the wall first or from the ceiling

Next, decide whether you want to cut the plaster from the wall first or from the ceiling. It’s also better to decide the tools to remove the plaster like using a hammer, a reciprocating saw or any other tools. The tools influence the technique and the length of time to remove the plaster. Then, make sure that you place the water, gas, power and waste lines in the safe place before you remove the plaster. If you want to avoid any damage it’s better to turn the power off before beginning the job. After all those things are done, start cutting the plaster. If you utilize a reciprocating saw start cutting between the studs and remove the plaster using a flatbar and using a hammer to remove the lathe.
Removing wall plaster which sticks strongly

When removing wall plaster it’s possible to find the leftover adhesive on the wall which still sticks strongly. Commonly people want to have clean and smooth wall from any plasters and to get a clean wall you can utilize wallpaper stripper. In order to remove the plaster from the wall completely you need to utilize pump sprayer, wallpaper stripper and scraper blade. Fill the pump sprayer with water and spray it along with the wallpaper stripper. Let the water and wallpaper stripper to work for few minutes. The glue in the plaster will soften with those two substances. After few minutes lift the wallpaper and see whether the glue has disappeared. If it isn’t reapply the spray and let it for few more minutes. 

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