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How to Repair Plaster Walls by Your Own

Cheap Tips Repairing Plaster Walls 

Over time, the plaster walls in your house will be damaged by the weather and they won’t look appealing anymore. In order to keep the room looks appealing you need to repair plaster walls with the new ones so your property will look attractive. You can ask a contractor to change the old plaster walls but if you have limited budget changing them yourself will save your money. Renewing plaster walls isn’t as easy as you imagine. If you prepare the right tools and materials you’ll finish it quickly without spending much money.

Steps to Repair Plaster Walls

In order to realize repairing plaster walls you need to prepare some tools and materials like mix joint compound, fiberglass mesh and drywall knife. Most people will repair their plaster walls after they find crack in certain parts. If you also find the same experience try to smooth the surface of the crack by using the sandpaper. Then, try to scrape the opening part in its edge and if there is a hairline crack you can widen it for some centimeters. Moreover, prepare a drywall knife with mixed joint compound. Put some joint compound on the knife and fill the crack with it. Make sure that you make a smooth surface on it. The next step is placing the fiberglass mesh on the crack. To make it stick strongly on the wall, press the compound thoroughly. Let it dry and smooth the surface with a rubber float.

How to Cope Old Plaster

Sometimes, the old plasters aren’t only damaged in some parts but they also need to be changed completely. Repairing and removing plaster walls need different method and tools. A plaster wall repair doesn’t need much time but changing it with the new one needs some time. If you want to remove the plaster walls and changing them with the new ones, here are some steps to consider. Firstly, prepare some tools like disposable respirator, gloves worn for heavy job and wheelbarrow. Put on a disposable respirator and try to have some air from outside the building by opening the windows or doors. Removing plastic walls will produce abundant of dust. If it’s necessary you can turn off the power in your house to avoid any dangerous situation when you peel the plaster walls.
Prepare The Stuff Near Us
After that, put on the gloves to protect your hand from any sharp pieces from the plaster wall and any other thing. Then, prepare the wheelbarrow near you and when you finish removing some parts of the plaster walls through the rubbish directly on the wheelbarrow. By doing so you’ll save your time and energy. In order to break up the plaster you can hit the wall using a hammer. Start removing the broken plaster from the wall and clean the debris. Whether you want repairing the plaster wall and changing it with the new one you need to protect yourself from the dust by covering your mouth with a mask or a respirator. Preparing all the things that you need before starting to repair the plaster wall is important since you’ll save your time and your job will finish faster. 

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