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Applying Frosted Glass Film in Your House

Wanting some privacy for your house but not to lose the light from the outside? Applying frosted glass can be your choice. As it has been widely used, frosted glass can be found as home interiors such as frosted glass windows or doors. It has many varieties as the process of frosting glass are actually can be done in many different ways, as well as the materials used to frost the glass.

One common way to have frosted effect on glass is by using film. People usually call it as window film. Keeping the sufficient natural light from the outside, it still can give you the sense of privacy. As it is less expensive than buying new curtains, frosted glass film can be a worth try alternative to be used in your house.

Getting to Know More about Frosted Glass Film

                Frosted Glass Film has similar materials like other frosted glass which applies etched surface effect on the glass. It can cover your room as the privacy and safety is becoming the main reason. The elegance look of the glass can also be gotten by using frostedglass film. The material used can decrease the level of direct light from the outside. Frosted glass film, which can be applied in any locations in your house, is affordable for the customers. As it can be applied anywhere, the advantages you have will remain the same.

Apply Frosted Glass Film in Your House

These are the steps of how to apply frosted glass film in your house. First, wash the window until it is completely clean. Second, cut the glass film ± 1 inch wider and 1 inch longer than the size of the window. Then, spray the glass film and remove the backing of the film. Put the adhesive side on the glass and work your way down the window. By using a knife, try to trim the film. Spray again the surface of the film. It takes half an hour for the film to stick.

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