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Frosted Glass Panels for Cabinet Doors

Frosted Glass Panels for Cabinet Doors

Frosted glass becomes the choice to modify the glass surface into not transparent glass to add more privacy. Not only used for windows or doors, frosted glass panels are also available to be installed in your house or office. The panels can be used in the bathroom, closet, and also your cabinet.

                Having cabinet with glass door is somehow convenient. However, perhaps you want to change the function from display cabinet to storage cabinet. So, you do not really need to display what is inside by having glass door. Do not worry, rather than changing the door, let us read these following tips to make our own cabinet doors covered by frosted glass.

What Do I Need?

The things you need to have in making frosted glass panels are etching cream, gloves, stick, soft brush and glass cleaner. Also prepare some tools like screwdriver, for removing the glass doors.

Here We Start

First, remove the glass door from the cupboard and lay it down in the floor. You can choose which side you want to frost, but better to frost inside glass panels of the cupboard.
Clean the surface of the glass with cleaner until you see no dust left. Let it dry and use your gloves. Prepare the etching cream, and dip the stick on it. Spread the cream thoroughly to the glass, make sure you give solid and enough cream to get expected result. 

                Wait until five minutes, and clean the glass surface using soft brush and warm water. After that, clean it again using glass cleaner and let it dry. If you think the result is not satisfying and you need thicker frost, repeat the process again.

                If you want to have a decorative frosted glass, you can make the pattern by attaching tape on the glass shaped the pattern you want, so that you will only give the cream in the untapped surface. For the next process, you can do it like the process above. After you finish, attach the frosted glass panels back as the cabinet door!

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