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Garage Bike Storage Ideas

Garage Bike Storage Ideas

            For those who love bike must have known how important it is to have a great and efficient garage bike storage. They also know how difficult it can be in designing a room to fit everything needed to store the bikes; where to put the storage, how to manage the instrument, and many more. Fortunately, there are thousands of ideas that can be found in this wide world web.

            One of the greatest idea for a garage bike storage is by mounting the bike into vac and slatwall. Bike fence is one of the ideas. There have been many people who design their bike garage this way. It is always nice (and mesmerizing, sometimes) to see mounted bikes. By mounting it, you can keep everything off the floor. It will not only keep the floor clean, but can also make the space more organized. Many of others also use the wall panel to manage the helmets and other mount-able stuff. Besides putting in the bike rack, some people also divide the room into two sides. One side is used for the bike rack. The other side is used for the tools used to repair the bike. This type of garage is pretty suitable for those who do not only love biking, but also modifying the ride. 

Another great thing that can be applied to get a great and effective garage bike storage is building an attached garage with expansive cabinets in the walls. The expansive cabinets will surely keep the stuff organized and manageable. If you don’t really have time to clean up, the tools and stuff can be directly put into the cabinets. However, what we need to consider is the size of the cabinets. For a considerably large room, having a big surrounding cabinets are just fine. But a smaller room needs just a necessary cabinets. Therefore, it’s pretty recommended for you not to put any kinds of tools to the bike garage cabinets. 

            The last thing that people will consider about a garage bike storage is the outer looks. Those who uses a bran or a shed for their bike garage mostly consider the shed as a part of the house that it is needed to be beatified. Therefore, the choice of materials is important. Metal shed is preferable as it is easier to clean. However, wooden materials are preferable as it gives better air and it gives more classy look.

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