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Flexible Track Lighting Design Ideas

Flexible Track Lighting Design Ideas

                Most people utilize flexible track lighting since it can be adapted to any situation the home owner wants to create. Since it’s flexible and versatile you can create certain environment to your room and you also can add some art on it to match with your home design. In order to get the right effect from the track lighting you need to know how to choose the design for the flexible track lighting.

How to Design Flexible Track Lighting

                The first thing to do before designing flexibletrack lighting is deciding the placement of the track lighting. If you have very high ceiling place the track lighting far from the wall. The aim of placing it far from the wall is to utilize the track lighting for the whole area in certain room. If you have a larger room you can place two or more track lightings to reach all parts of the room. The common distance to place the track lighting is between 18 to 36 inches from the wall. Then, place the track lighting in different spaces in your room. Depends on what kind of environment you want to build you can have different lights facing different sections in a room. Try to turn the lights on to adjust the track lighting whether it’s already suits your taste. 

                To create various effects from flexible track lighting you can create some arts and craft for it. For those who have modern design for their home you can choose stained glass for the track lighting. It gives a perfect opportunity to design the pattern of the glass based on your preference. Paint the patterns on the stained glass and let it dry. Choose the design that suits your home design. Then, designing flexible track lighting with bead is another alternative to try. You can take advantage to make a custom beaded wrap for the track that will be hung from the ceiling.

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