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Hanging small picture on plaster walls

Hanging small pictures will only need a hook and a hammer. What important is how the hook is installed, it should be done carefully although the nail is small. Hit the nail of the hook gently with a hammer at an angle.

                If the picture is a bit larger or heavier, a bigger hook is needed. Installing a bigger hook will be better by making a pilot hole first, since a direct installing using hammer may break the plaster. The pilot hole can be made by drilling the wall with a drill which is a bit smaller than the nail. Once the hole is finished, the nail can be tapped into it gently and carefully.

Hanging large picture on plaster walls

Larger pictures come with a bigger chance to crack or even break the plaster. However, it can be avoided by the use of proper tools and good carefulness.

                What needed in hanging large picture on plaster walls are cordless drill, wall anchor, a screwdriver and countersunk screws. The length and size of the wall anchors and the screws will depend on the pictures size. Additionally, the wall anchor is only needed when there is no stud to install the screws into.

                Drill the wall first with a cordless drill at an angle. Insert the wall anchor together with the screw, but make sure that the screw is not tightened yet. If the wall anchor is already in position, the screw can be tightening carefully. Colored up your house by hanging your picture on your plaster walls is not as risky as you may thought, as long as you make it done carefully.

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