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How to Clean Interior Of Frosted Glass Doors

InteriorOf Frosted Glass Doors in your house may increase the décor values in it. The doors are not only made as a border between rooms, but they are also used as the ornaments without having too much pictures hanged in your room. 

                As a door, it also blocks dust and bad waste taken by wind. It also uses every day—have a contact with our hands and things we carry. We may scratch it accidentally and there is a stubborn stain which makes the door not really pretty anymore. 

Cleaning a “Normal” Stain

Doing regular cleaning is important to maintain the frosted glass clean and good to be seen. WE only need simple steps to clean Interior OfFrosted Glass Doors with normal stain, not the bad scratch or oily mark that later will be discussed in the next part. Since usually the door is covered by frosted glass only in one side, another normal glass can be clean like how we used to clean glass.
                Prepare a gloves, warm water, a soft cloth, and a glass cleanser if it is needed. Before you start cleaning, use you gloves to avoid leaving fingerprints, which can be another stain, in your frosted glass. Dip the soft cloth in the warm water and clean the glass carefully. If you need to use glass cleaner, do not use it too much. 

Cleaning a Stubborn Stain

                It needs more than just warm water and soft cloth. Some people use the soft cloth with vinegar as the main cleanser to the local area. Then, clean it again using warm water. The most common way to clean it is by using soft brush and glass cleanser, or cleanser for kitchen use. So you need to brush it a bit, still a gentle one so you will not make a new scratch on the glass. 

The key is to be careful in the use, and be regular in cleaning Interior Of Frosted Glass Doors!

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