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Installing Frosted Glass Shower Doors

Having a bathroom with glass doors usually makes the home owner feels uncomfortable since they can’t keep their privacy while they’re doing their business. To keep the privacy in the bathroom and to add some decorative effect having frosted glass shower doors is a good idea. There are many choices available to create frosted glass shower doors but instead of hiring someone to do this job you can create it your own by utilizing a frosted window film or by spraying a frosted window paint. Here are the steps to create frosted glass shower doors you can take as a reference.

Steps Creating Frosted Glass Shower Doors

                The first step creating frosted glass shower doors is deciding whether you want to use spray paint, film or an etching acid. Regardless of which one you’ll choose you can get them all in the craft stores or at a home improvement store. If you choose films there are many colors available and you can take one that looks like stained glass. Then, wash the glass and dry it completely. Put the tape at every edge of t glass if you utilize etching acid or a paint to protect any trim. When you decide to utilize frosted spray paint you need to take the shower doors outside. Spray a light paint on the surface of each shower door and allow them to dry completely. 

                It’ll be different if you want to use etching acid for frosted glassshower doors. If using spray requires you to use it outside you can choose either indoors or outdoors to apply etching acid. Choosing indoors requires you to keep children and pets away from the place where you’ll apply the etching acid. Then, put hand protection to apply and remove the cream. Apply the cream on the glass surface and leave it dry for few hours. Rinse the glass and dry it again to be reinstalled.

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