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Creating Frosted Glass Cabinet Doors Fast

Having frosted glass cabinet doors can create a privacy in your home while make it look more decorative. Frosted glass cabinet can last long and you can create it by your own. Search the design in the internet or you can use your creativity to create it. It’ll be better if you can choose the design that can blend with the whole design in your house. If hiring someone to create frosted glass costs you a lot of money you can create it yourself by following the steps as follows.

Steps to Created Frosted Glass Cabinet Doors

                The first step creating frosted glass cabinetdoors is washing the glass with soapy water thoroughly. Before that, you need to remove the cabinet door using screwdriver and place it on a flat surface. Then, shake the spray can to mix the fluid inside it. After shaking it for two minutes you can start spraying it. Hold the can about 10 to 12 inches from the glass surface and spray the whole glass back and forth. The width of the spray depends on the design that you choose actually. Let the spray to dry for few minutes to get the best result. Repeat this step for the entire glass cabinet doors. 

                To create the best result of frosted glass cabinet doors let them dry for at least three hours. There are many kinds of spray containing adhesive to stick the paper panels and make sure that you know the right spray for it since it influence the length of the frosted glass. Most people want to use frosted glass cabinet doors because it’s too boring to have plain cabinet doors that are made of wood. Moreover, they want to create privacy in their kitchen and frosted glass cabinet doors help them realizing it. You can try this method at your home if you want to have a new design on your cabinet doors.

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