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Portable Gas Grills That You Can Counted On

Who doesn’t love barbequing in the nice afternoon with family and friends? The barbeque activity will be more fun if you have portable gas grills. You will have many options of places to go, not only doing barbeque in your backyard. 

What you imagine when you heard grills are the big grills, the heavy one, which have wheels in their stand legs. Cannot imagine to move it too far from the backyard, won’t risk the damage of that heavy and pricy barbeque grills! Also, you need charcoal to make a fire to cook the meat and vegetables. Hmm…a lot of mess and things to handle. That is why, try to have the portable gas product.

Why Should I?

It is easily moved and you can bring it anywhere you like. It is no longer a problem to have a camping and to bring along the grills with you. In addition, the gas is available to replace the use of charcoal to make you easier to prepare the cooking time. By using charcoal, you must burn it before you use it, and the risk awaits you. Gas is simples and safer.

The typical gases used for the grills are propane gas (LPG) and natural gas (NG). The grills can directly use the flame produced by the gas to the food, or the gas is used to radiate the heat. 

Many products of portable gas grills are sold in the market, and one of the brand is Weber portable gas grill. The product which is matched with 1) portable and 2) gas used is available through its one product named Weber Go-Anywhere Series.  The portable grill that use gas is actually one of the two product under Weber Go-Anywhere Series, the other is specified to use charcoal.

Go-Anywhere gas’ specification can be compared to other product. This product is constructed from glass-reinforced nylon handle. There are three handles provided in each product. To complete its job as portable grills, it has plated steel legs pivot to be used to lock lid in place for carrying.

It is simple to carry with 14.5 inches high, 21 inches wide, and 12.25 inches deep. For the cooking system, it uses one stainless steel burner with push button igniter. Porcelain-enameled based in made for the bowl and lid, and the cooking grate. The cooking area can reach 160 square inches.

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