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Benefits of using frosted glass doors

Considering function and look, you should try to apply Frosted glass on your doors. You can always customize the design to match it with your home design. Moreover, there are many functional benefits that you cannot get from other types of door. 

Natural Light

Brighter room is likely healthier for anyone inside it. It is easy to understand that a room with enough natural light will protect your family from bacteria, louses, and anything that loves a moist place.

                This is the first benefit you will get by applying a frostglass on your door. Using this glass on your living room door will give you enough natural light inside your house. Instead, others may argue that a clear glass can give brighter light inside a house, which will make it healthier. It is not wrong, but it is also not completely true.


Clear glass will allow more light to flow through indeed. Unfortunately, it will also allow people from the outside to see what inside your house, even your living room, and how you live inside. That must be awkward, knowing that a stranger is looking at your supposed-to-be private activities.

                Using a frosted glass on your door, people from the outside cannot see what inside you house. So, you this seems to be the best solution to have a healthy room with a complete privacy.

Better Temperature

Another reason why this is better than a clear glass is that it can give a better temperature inside your house. Because of the blurred surface of this glass, the light that flow through it will not be as bright as that through a clear glass. Thus, the temperature inside your house will not be too hot nor be cold. 

                You can also customize the amount of light that flow through the door by customizing the opaque and the size of the frost. The more opaque the glass, the more light will flow through, which results more heat inside your room.

UV Ray Blocker

The direct hit and excessive radiation of UV ray is obviously not good for human skin, it may cause sunburn and even some forms of skin cancer. However, if your doors and windows glass are frosted, it can save you from the direct hit and excessive radiation of UV ray.

                Some window film manufacturers even designed their frosting film products to obstruct more UV ray. If you leave near a beach or any opened area which may expose you to direct sunlight, this is a must for health’s sake.

Suitable to Any Design

                A good house design is one which is functional and also good looking. Beside those functional benefits above, this glass can also make your house more attractive, whatever your house design is.

                You can expose your house design on your glass door by customizing the frost. If you live in a minimalist house, you may frost the whole glass evenly or frost it in hard lines pattern. It is also possible to frost it in ornate patterns to match it with your classic-looking house. Glass frosting is a good solution for both beauty and function. It can make your house look beautiful from the outside, while giving you a priceless comfort inside.

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