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Tips to Hang your beautiful picture on plaster walls

It is important to know Tips to Hang yourbeautiful picture on plaster walls before you punch a nail to you fragile plaster wall. One unnecessary mistake can break your entire wall, and it will cost you much money and time to fix it.

What needed to hang your picture on plaster walls

                What you need to prepare before starting the work are a cordless drill or hammer, nails or wood screws, hooks, and wall anchors.

                The size of the nails, the screws, and the wall anchors will depend on the size of pictures you are going to hang. Nails can only be used for small pictures, while wood screws are appropriate for big pictures.

Tips to Hang your beautiful picture on a plaster walls


 For preparation, you must make a hole with your cordless drill. And the nails or screws you are going to use must be bigger than your hole you have been made. Actually making a hole is not necessary if you use very small nail, still, you must be careful when you use your hammer to tap it.

                Making the hole should be done carefully, especially when the drill hits the slats. The extreme vibration or hit on a slat will shake the entire wall and may disengage the plaster from the slats. 

                Then, put the wall anchor carefully into the hole. The wall anchor functions as a fastener when the screw is longer than the wall thickness. However, it won’t be needed if the hole you made is right on the wall stud. When the hole is right on the stud, you can screw the wood screw directly without planting a wall anchor first.

                When the nails or screws are ready, you can hang your pictures on it. If in case you feel that one screw is not enough, you can make additional holes below the pictures.

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