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Painting plaster walls

Painting plaster walls requires more labor-intensive works than painting a drywall. It needs more process and more paint, which makes it quite expensive. Rather than spending your money to pay someone to paint your plaster wall, you can paint it by yourself by following the guides below.
Wait until the plaster is dry

Painting plaster walls

First of all, the plaster should be totally dry. The length of time needed to wait depends on the plaster used. Painting when they are still damp or even wet will make the wall becomes moldy, because the paint coats will seal the surface of the wet plaster which makes the plaster cannot ‘breathe’.

Cleanthe plaster

When the plaster is totally dry, you can do the next step; cleaning. Make sure that the overall surface is smooth by sanding the plaster, don’t forget to use a dust mask because the very soft dust will be dangerous for your lung. Lastly, remove the dust residue from the surface using a damp sponge, but make sure that you don’t wet it.

Painting plaster walls

Start with primer coat

In making primer coats, there are two options that you can choose. Using plaster sealer, or mist coats. The latter option can be made by mixing one part of water withfour parts of matt water-based paint.
Apply the paint all over the plaster surface. You can use a roll for a larger area to make it quick, and use a brush for small areas. If one coat does not seem enough, you may give another coat to be sure. 

Painting plaster walls


Once the primer coat is dry, it is ready to be painted. It is important to note that the use of the same roller or brush is not recommended because there must be unwanted dust from the plaster on the used roller or brush. That dust will make the finishing coat look scratched and messy instead of smooth. Use new roller and brush, or wash them with water for a better result of painting.

One important tip is, lay down some drop cloths under the wall you are working on and cover your windows and doors frame with tape or paper. Doing that way, you won’t need to waste your time cleaning the paint drops after painting.

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