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Why Should You Install Wood Floor?

From many choices of floor, to install wood floor is an excellent choice for your place. Floor is an important part for our house. It is not only function as a base for our home, but also must be decorated well to support the whole interior of the house.

Wood floor is not only good in its appearance but also provide warmth from natural element into your house. It is natural and eco-friendly product. If you want to reinstall and change it, it is degradable. Using a good quality wood floor is also durable and will save you money for other things. Most of the product is relatively easy to be maintained when you do it right start from the installation.

Before going further in installingwood flooring, there are some kinds of wood floor you can use. They are solid and engineered wood floor. Solid wood floors can be divided into parquetry, hardwood flooring, and solid wood manufacturing. While the engineered wood floor is the modification of the solid wood. 

As it can be predicted, the use of engineered wood floor is more common than the solid one. But, you can still find the old houses, may be built a hundred year ago, especially in some area who are still using solid wood floor. It has thicker surface and therefore can be finished many times.  

The way to install wood floor

Installing woodflooring can be done by yourself or by hiring professional. When the size of the room being renovated is not too large, you can consider to do it by yourself. In this step, you will need is flooring glue, adhesive trowel, shims, miter saw, table saw, and floor trim.

Clean your concrete floor and let it dry. Open the window and turn on the fan to keep the air circulation. Use your adhesive trowel to spread the glue on the floor which is the farthest from the entrance. 

Set shims facing down between the wall and the wood board, to create a gap. Lay the first flooring and connect each other using their tongue-and-groove milling. For the last piece of flooring, use miter saw to get the proper size.

For the second row, make use the off-cut board from the first board’s row. Lay it tightly with the previous one and connect them by the tongue-and-groove edges. Stagger the end joints so they will not .line up. Push the outer side of the second row to make them tight. 

Finish the work until there is no space left. Let the glue dry overnight. After that, you can install the shims to cover the gaps with the wall.

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