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Impermanent Frost Glass

Are you wishing for a new look inside your home? You should try frosting glass then. The frosted glass will not only give a stunning look on your doors and windows, but also some other benefits that your current clear glass cannot give. It can give you privacy and softer light in, which will make you totally comfortable inside your cozy home. 

                There are many methods of glass frosting, some of them are permanent while some others are impermanent. In case you want to frost your glass just for the sake of curiosity, or maybe because you live in a rented house, you may try these methods below. Using the methods, the frost can be removed later if you want the glass becomes clear again.

Frosting Spray


                This method comes as the most inexpensive method. You will only need a $5 frosting spray, and spray it to your doors or windows glass. The result can be seen instantly because it dries quickly, and it is also easily removable with paint thinner.

                However, this method needs some skills. The frosted coat should be as even as possible, unless the opacity level will be uneven. The difficulty to get an even opacity level makes it difficult to use this method on a wide glass.

Frosted Window Film


                Working with a wide glass such as a shower door or wall, a frosted window film is recommended because it can give a very even level of opacity on the overall surface of your glass. It is also removable just by peeling it off your glass.

                Compared to the previous method, this method is quite more difficult. You need to be careful and you will also need some proper tools to prevent the appearance of bubbles between the window film and the window glass.Thus, it is better to ask someone else to help you holding the window film when you are working with a wide glass.

Electric Frosted Glass

                Lastly, this is the easiest yet the most expensive method with the best result. You don’t even need to get your hands dirty, because the experts will install it for you. This modern type of frosted glass is made of two layers of glass with an electric film between them. When you want the glass frosted, you will only need to flip the switch and the electric film will become frosted just in a second. And if you want a clear glass again, just flip the switch again and you will see it changes in a second.

                One more feature that makes an electric frosted glass the most expensive option is that it can be functioned as a projector. You can display a video or pictures in this glass, whether in frosted or clear glass mode.

                There you go, each method comes with its own difficulties and cost. It does not always mean that the expensive method will give the best result. You can also get the best result from the cheapest method, by combining the method with adequate creativity.

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