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Battery Backup for Sump Pump, is it necessary?

Battery Backup for Sump Pump, is it necessary?

Battery backup sump pump is an additional part of a sump pump, which will work when the water level is beyond the sump pump ability or the sump pump cannot work. Since this is just an additional, some people think that this is not important. But wait, let’s see how important it is.
Battery backup is important

Can you guarantee that your expensive sump pump will always work well? Of course no, even a $319 Ferrari can have troubles with its engine. Once a sump pump is installed down the basement, it is most likely forgotten by the owner. Therefore no one knows when the pump is broken until the water floods the basement.

Installing a pump with battery backup will keep you away from that unpredicted trouble. When a sump pump is down, the battery backup will take over the job to pump out the water in sump pit. Some battery backup are also equipped with an alarm system, to tell the owner when it takes over the main pump’s job. Therefore, you will know when your pump is broken and have time to repair it while the backup is taking over the job.

More importantly, this will help when the ‘real’ flood comes in a sudden. Wherever you live, there is always a chance of flood, storm, or even a quick snowmelt to happen. When the flood is too bad, the power is usually cut down for safety. In this condition of no electric power and big flood, the sump pump cannot work.

This is where you can count on a battery backup. Since it is powered by a local battery, it will work when the AC power is down. Even when the power is there but the flood is too bad, it can help the main sump pump to pump more water out of the basement. There is no reason to say that a battery backup is not important eventually.

Types of Battery Backup, which one?

One reason why people decide not to buy a battery backup is the price, which sometimes more expensive than the main pump. It is not necessarily so, it depends on the specification you purchase.

The battery backup which is equipped with alarm or even a communication system will obviously be priced higher. You will not need those features if you have time to regularly check your sump pump. Knowing a sump pump does not work is easy, just pour much water into the basin and see which pump reacts. If the battery backup is the one works instead of the main pump, it means that the main pump is in trouble.

The price also depends on the battery power, whether it is water power or battery power. Battery power will cost higher, since it is maintenance-free. Meanwhile, using a water powered battery backup, you will need to check and refill the water regularly. However, the water powered battery can work longer as long as it is maintained regularly.

To close, battery backup is a must, no matter how safe you think your environment is. Price is not the problem, because sumppump battery backup features can be chosen and suited to your need and budget.

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