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Take a Closer Look to Lightolier Track Lighting and Its Competitor

Take a Closer Look to Lightolier Track Lighting and Its Competitor

                Talking about track lighting, we cannot avoid one well-known brand Lightolier track lighting. Founded in 1904, this company now become a part of Philips Royal Electronics. 

                Track lighting itself is a kind of lighting where there is a continuous track device which is installed by some light fittings. The track lighting can be placed depends on the need, can be in the ceilings or walls. It also can be installed in crosswire across rafters or lengthwise down beams

                In North America, the three standards types of lighting track are named based on three manufacturers, they are Halo, Juno, and Lightolier types. It shortened by “H”, “J”, and “L” tracks which have their own characteristics. The “L” type is having 7/8 inch apart from each lighting, while H type simply known to have three contacts. The “J” type are 1 inch apart. 

The Lightolier’s is sold widely, and you can see the products online on their website. The lighting tracks by this manufacturer are ready in three types: Lytespan Track, Tangen Track, and ProSpec Track.
                As it is quoted from the website, this type provides you a wide range of lighting, with various specification and design. It is the type of common used lighting track. The Tangen Track, is specially designed as small and flexible lighting. For the use of public places which requires superior lighting, the ProSpec Track is the solution.

The Competitor


                Halo tracklighting is the next we are going to reviewed. The thing that the manufacturer proud of is its sustainability. Using LED, it is said to be last longer and environmental friendly. It can last 50,000 hours of operation with limited infrared, low heat, and no ultraviolet emission.

                For the common size, there are L806 and L807 types. The finishing is die-cast aluminum construction. These products are available in some colors, which are white, matte black, aluminum, and haze.

                The features which can be seen in these products are 1250 lumen package with 3000 K each and 70 LPW with 17 W each. For the color temperatures, there are three options, range from 2700 K, 3000 K, to 4000 K. It also available on multiple Halo Power Track system as well as Juno, Lightolier, and Global track systems. The manufacturer gives the customer warranty for five years. 

                The brothers, L806HO and L807HO are similar to the previous one but with 2600 lumen package with 3000 K each and 73 LPW with 34 W each. For bigger size, there is Stasis LED large to accompany the smaller scale use in Stasis LED small and medium.

                For the more chic design, Hampton Bay track lighting can be another choice. It has four types of track lighting which are Kitchen Rail Light, LED Rail Light, Quoizel Kyle Ceiling Track Light, Kichler 7704 Rail Light, and Sea Gull Trenton. There are three to four lightings in one track. The beautiful shape may attract you to you use in a small scale like house of office.  Unfortunately, the products released by this manufacturer are got more bad reviews from the customers, being criticized for having decreasing quality unlike the products in the previous years.

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