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Shower Bench Teak

Shower Bench Teak

In the case of confusion to meet both look and function in parking a bench in your shower, teak shower bench is the ultimate choice. It is commonly found in modern showers nowadays, and also in luxurious spas. It is not only used as a rack for shower accessories, but also as a seat when you need to shave or scrub your legs.

Why teak shower bench 

Teak wood shower bench, as it is named, is made of teak wood which is also used in traditional and modern shipbuilding. It is chosen for its sturdiness and also beauty.'

Its sturdiness comes from its rich content of oil and its thick natural fiber. Teak wood has a rich content of oil, this makes it resistant to water even in a dampest place such as shower. Using this wood, you don’t need to worry about molds, mildews, and even bacteria that may grow in other types of woods when they are placed in a damp place. In fact, the oil content makes this wood looks shiny even if it is not varnished yet.

Another thing that makes teak wood lasts for generations is its thick natural fiber. This fiber which is produced naturally as they are grown makes teak wood almost unbreakable. Teak tree grows in an extreme and windy place, forces it to naturally produce thick fiber to survive. That is why this 40 meters tree is likely to bend rather than break when it got hit by strong winds.

Guides in selection


Teak shower bench comes in various sizes and styles, and they all look stunning. Selecting can be more difficult when the options are both stunning. Therefore, there are some points need to be considered before you purchase one for your shower.

The first consideration is the shower space. It is easy to park a bench anywhere in any size if there is a large space in a bathroom. However, it will be quite difficult when there is only small space available. In this case, you may choose a small size bench or a corner shaped bench.

Then, the style should be matched with your shower style. The wrong choice of style can ruin the whole view of your shower. That is why it is important to match it with the shower style, you may consult it with your trusted home designer or see examples in magazines. Generally, a simple rectangular bench is chosen for minimalist showers, and the curved one is chosen for those who prefer ergonomics.


The strength of teak wood doesn’t make it maintenance-free, it still needs a maintenance to keep the look and durability. Fortunately, the maintenance is much easier than maintaining other wood benches or even a plastic bench. All you have to do is washing and cleaning it from soap scum.
Soap scum may leave white stains on teak bench if it is not cleaned regularly. After your bath, it is recommended that you rinse the bench with water, and make sure that there is no scum left on the side and bottom of the bench.

If you concern about the increasing use of wood today, you may choose a recycled teak wood shower bench. It is made of teak wood from abandoned ships instead of a new teak wood. It is more ‘green’ and also lower in price yet good in quality.

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