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Home Depot Sump Pump

Home Depot Sump Pump

Sump pump at home depot is available in various types, which is designed to meet any specific purposes. Generally, sump pump is used to pump water collected in the sump basin to anywhere out of the house. It is usually installed in a basement, whether on the basin or inside the basin.

This pump should be owned by those who live in a damp environment, whether the damp comes naturally from the ground or from the pools at their homes. It is even a must for those who live in an environment that is often flooded by rain, snowmelt, or river.

In order to make a pump works properly and effectively, the whole draining system in the basement should be designed well so all the water will flow into the sump basin. Every perimeter drains of the basement waterproofing system must be directed to the sump basin, unless the installation would be useless.

Finally, it’s time to choose a right sump pump. The various types of sump pump available on market sometimes makes people become confused to choose one. These are some consideration you can refer to in choosing a right sump pump.

Pedestal or Submersible

Home Depot and Lowes both provide sump pump in two types; pedestal and submersible. Pedestal sump pump is one that is installed above the sump basin, whereas the submersible sump pump is installed inside the sump basin. Each type comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Basically, a submersible pump comes with a higher price than a pedestal one.

Pedestal pump is installed above the basin, which means it is visible. It will need a space to place it, which may makes the basement look a bit messy. However, repairing and maintaining a pedestal one is easier, since we don’t need to pull it out of the basin to do the repair.

Different with the pedestal one, a submersible pump is installed inside the sump basin. It is coated specially to prevent short circuits. The advantages that make this type becomes more expensive is that, it does not need extra space in a basement and it is also noiseless since it is hidden under the basin cover.


Bigger power doesn’t always mean better, what selected should be suited to our need. Sump pump is available from 0.5 to 7/8 HP. As your basis, a 0.5 HP pump can remove up to 120 Gallon per minute (GPM). If the basement is not so badly damp, or not in a big risk of being flooded, a small power is enough.

Automatic or Manual

Choosing an automatic sump pump will cost you more money than choosing a manual one. It is worth the price for the advantages you can get. You do not need to turn it on and off manually, all the job will be done automatically. It seems appropriate for those who are busy enough.

Price is not a thing to worry about, sump pump available at Home Depot comes in various brands ranging from the cheapest one to the most expensive. And if you want to see other brands and prices, Lowes sump pump is also available in various other brands and prices

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