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Wine Storage Cabinets 101

Wine Storage Cabinets 101

                Welcome to Wine Storage Cabinets 101; an article in which you can dig up anything about wine cabinet and question anything. This is an introductory article for anyone who are interested in wine storage cabinets, especially for the newbie. Those who love wine must have known the importance of having a good wine storage cabinet.  The cabinet is an important investment. It is also prominent to every wine collector. There are at least several aspects that wine collectors should know about wine cabinets, and the first is the materials of the cabinets.

                There are commonly two popular materials for wine storage cabinets. They are woods and stains. Wood-material cabinet are also divided into two. Usually, foreign manufacturers use synthetic wood to laminate the cabinet exteriors. Contrary, domestic manufacturers offer oak as the standard material to build a cabinet. Lighter grain wood like oak are more common to find, but the darker grains wood is less common in the USA. Moreover, certain types of finish or wood cannot also be found in USA. Some customers prefer to shop overseas, such as China, especially for a custom design of wine cabinet. However, the China product cabinet are usually seal, which result in the less choice for options. In addition, importing wood without paint or chemicals from China is not permitted either, that customers can only order for the fix and ready cabinet.

                In the USA, one of the most popular material for wine storagecabinets is Luan Mahogany. The wood has less grain. It also has darker color. The second place of the popular wood in the USA is cherry. Cherry wood cabinet is recommended for those who love the red stain. Without visualization, it is rather possible for newbie to catch the difference among the woods and veneer and the shades are somehow closely similar.

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