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Insulated Blinds for a Comfortable Room

Comfortable Room

Comfortable Room

Brrrrrr… it is freezing outside, it will be nice if we can warm our body inside and sip a hot chocolate. But, wait, why it is still cold inside? You need a warmer room? Or maybe during a hot summer, you want to stay inside the house because you want to enjoy the nicer weather inside. You’re your room still cannot provide a fresher air even though you have used an air conditioner. What is needed to control the thermal inside the house without buying a very sophisticated electronics? One of the house stuffs you need to consider is insulated blinds. Do you have it already in your windows?
This kind of blinds is made with special feature to ‘control’ the thermal related to the heat from the sunlight inside the room. During the winter, this blinds will insulate the optimum heat from the sunlight to be trapped inside and avoid the colder wind to get inside. On the other hand, it will release the heat and avoid more heat to come during a hot and humid summer. The application of this window treatment make a more comfort room to stay.
Actually there are many ways of ‘preserving and releasing’ the heat, one of those is using an insulated windows. Unfortunately, replacing windows is not as easy as changing clothes when it needs time to find the proper size and model and also of course it costs more. Having insulated blinds is easier and much cheaper indeed. The other option for insulated treatment for the windows is attaching an insulated film. This film is transparent, of course, and attached to the inside part of your window. Although there is an insulated film with a clear, see-through features, most of them still blurred and will not give you a very clear outdoor scenery.

Insulated Roman Shades: Warmth in Style

Comfortable Room

Among the blinds, one popular blinds which is not only usable but also has a good shape and pattern is roman shades. The characteristics which are made of fabric and has a smooth transition for the vertical folding. This kind of shades can also be transformed into insulated roman shades, whether you can buy the ready-to-use shades or transform your old shades and making the new one through a DIY project.
Roman Shades is known as a soft windows treatment because it is made from fabric which is soft material. It tends to be a match-able stuffs with the interior design and not giving a stiff look at the interior. The plastic or wooden blinds are rigid and will give different impression. Although the blinds will be simpler in the maintenance, most of the house which needs a warmer and homey ambience will choose shades for the alternative. It is simpler than the curtains, but more chic than the hard blinds.

Insulated Window Shades: Buy It or Make It

Comfortable Room

It simple to make your insulated window shades. For the outer, you can use some kind of insulation fabric like flannel, fleece, bubble wrap, or, for a warmer shades, an old blanket. The old blanket provides you cheaper alternative and it is unquestionable a great insulator. How warm the insulator can be depends on the amount of dead air space provided by the material. If you find it difficult, buy it is an easier choice.

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