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What is Provided by Lowe’s Window Blinds?

Lowe’s Window Blinds

Lowe’s Window

No matter how small the stuffs you buy for your house, it will be a matter if it miss your expectation, either in the size or the style. Blinds for the house may not be included in a top priority in buying furniture and other home décor, yet it is very important to have it match the overall design in the room. Buying blinds should not only based on the style but also, importantly, on how long it will last and how easy we can do the maintenance. Plus, we hope to have a reliable service and guarantee from the place we buy the blinds. And so far, from many reviews, Lowe’s window blinds gives good offer for the customers.
Lowe’s product and service can be reached through two ways: go to the nearest store or nicely sit in front of the computer to visit the online store. The online store of Lowe’s gives you more practical alternative when you cannot reach the store. The layout and categories given in the website ease the customers to find the things they need.
Lowe’s provides a wide range blinds based on the brands and price. The brands offered are IPG, Levolor, MagneBlind, and some others. The price starts from 4 dollar to almost 200 dollars, depends on the features and material, but the most options are in among 25 to 50 dollars. If you want to sort it directly from the style, five styles are given, which are: horizontal blinds, plantation blind, mini-blinds, vertical blinds, and roll-up blinds.

What about Lowe’s Window Shades?

Lowe’s Window

From the blinds, we will talk about its sibling: shades. Shades is more flexible to match the interior of the house. It can be made of fabric with colorful and interesting fabric so that it adds the value of a room. Not only blinds, Lowe’s also provides the window shades.
Lowe’s window shades’ choice is less than the blinds which has more than thousand options. While the window shades has about 700 choices with various use and model. Some of them are used for the exterior which cost higher and able to reach until almost 600 dollars, while the cheapest is about five dollar. The style are varied from the pleated, roman, to honeybee-like windows shade. The shades in this store are varied in its brands, mostly similar to what it is offered in blinds’ section.

Buying Lowes Window Treatments

Lowe’s Window

After you doing some survey in the online store, you may also find another small thing in the section of Lowe’s window treatments. Not only blinds and shades, some others are available also such as shutters, curtains, valances, window film, and window hardware. With the wide range of price with colorful and attractive shape and style, it becomes one choice for the customer.

What is bought, must be checked properly to avoid the regret later. Related to the blind, shades, and many other window treatment, the measurement of the size of the windows and which blinds or shades fit into must be well-measured. Lowe’s is known for a good service to the customer by helping them in the consultation, even when the customer lives quite far. 

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