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How To Make Frosted Glass on Your Own

Do you have plain and dull glasses but you don’t want to throw them away? You can modify those glasses into beautiful craft by using frosted glass technique. Maybe you’re still confused concerning how tomake frosted glass if it’s your first time doing it. You don’t need to worry since only by applying adhesive on the glasses with some other substances you’ll get your glass look more attractive and more private. By utilizing frosted glass technique you also can change the dull glasses to expensive-looking glasses. You can change not only glasses but also kitchenware and other parts of your home that are made of glass.

How to Make Frosted Glass Fast

                Before creating frosted glasses, you need to prepare three important things that include glass, soap and water. The first step concerning how to make frosted glass is cleaning the glass with water and let it dry. In this case you can utilize old glasses, vases, dishes and other glassware to be modified into frosted glass. After washing them all let them dry for few minutes while you can draw the designs for those glasses. You can draw the design yourself or you can search in the internet. If you want to create your own design utilizing a paper backing of the adhesive-backed plastic is a good idea to stick the design strongly on the glass surface. Then, cut the designs and peel off the paper backing.

                The next step concerning how to make frostedglass is sticking the cut-out plastic on the glass surface. You can stick it on the surface that you want. Then, spray the frosted glass over the whole glass surface. Let it dry for few minutes. After it dries enough peel the adhesive shapes from the glass. To make the frosted glass last longer let it dry for at least three hours before you use it. The last step, wash the glass with soap and water to make it clean from residue. 

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