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How to Create DIY Frosted Glass for Windows

One of many ways to make your windows glass look different is by modifying it with diy frosted glass. Since you utilize do-it-yourself technique you don’t need to spend a lot of money to make your home a privacy place. There are many ways to beautify windows glass like cover them with curtains to protect the room from sunlight but it costs a lot of money. If you have few budget and you want to create privacy for your home by modifying your windows do-it-yourself frosted glass is the right choice. You can create frosted glass for your windows permanently by applying adhesive frosted windows panels and it doesn’t need any special skill to apply it.

Steps to Realize DIY-Frosted Glass

                To realize diy frosted glass you need to prepare paper towel, window cleaner and adhesive window panel. The first step to do is choosing the pattern for your frosted windows. Many patterns are available in internet and you can choose one that suits your taste. Then, clean the window with window cleaner and wipe it using paper towel. Do it for all windows and let them dry for few minutes. Moreover, mix two cups of warm water and 1/8 tbsp. of liquid dish washing soap to be used to spray the frosted panel. The soapy water activates the adhesive to stick strongly on the windows. 

                The next step for diy frosted glass is lifting the frosted panel and applying it to the windows. Make sure that the adhesive is pressed strongly on the windows so it’ll last longer. Do it for the whole windows and to make the surface of the windows smooth you can rub it with a plastic wallpaper brush or a debit card. Usually there will be bubbles on the window surface and by rubbing it properly you’ll get a smooth finish. The last step is allowing the panels to dry completely.

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