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Learning the Steps of How to Frost Glass Windows

There are many reasons to use frosted glass for houses and building nowadays. The most common reason is because of the privacy that is offered when people are applying frosted glass. Also, the quality of materials which lets the light to come inside the room also becomes another plus point. Therefore, frosted glass is usually used as windows or doors of bathroom. However, not everyone understands how to frost glass. Here, we will talk about some steps for making frosted windows.

Frosting Glass Windows

Temporary Frosting Glass Windows

                The first option you can do to frost glass windows is by using temporary way. Tracing paper, scissors, frosting spray, and temporary adhesive are the ‘ingredients’ you need. First, cut the tracing paper so it fits the size of your windows. Second, attach it to the glass by using temporary adhesive. Design the shape that you want onto the tracing paper. Next, take it down and cut out the design by using scissors. Reattach the paper back to the window. By using frosting spray, spray the exposed part of the window. When it is completely dry, remove the tracing paper of the design. Just in case you are not satisfied with the result, a rough cloth or razor blade can clean the windows.

Frosting Glass Windows

Permanent Frosting Glass Windows

                The second option of how to frost glass windows is by using permanent way. All you need is soap and water solution, wallpaper brush, clear self-adhesive shelf paper or frosted window film and scissors. Wash the windows until it is completely clean. Then, spray the windows with a soap and water solution. Use stick-on film cut to the window size. By using wallpaper brush, there will air bubbles formed. Try to brush it to the glass windows. For the permanent result will be gotten because of the blend between soap and the adhesive paper. Just wait some couple of minutes and you will get your permanent frosting glass windows.

Frosting Glass Windows

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