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Places for Your Frosted of Glass Door

Places for Your Frosted of Glass Door

                Isn’t lovely to have a frosted of glass door? It is functional not only as a door and a border, but also as the “window” that let the lights come in but without losing the privacy. There are more and more people, especially in the simple and modern house interior, who use this kind of door in their house.

Door as a Room’s Door

                You have got the idea to have frosted of glass door but still do not know where to put it. There are lots of place where you can put this door.

Surely as the name is door, you can use it as a door. Door, here, can be applied to any room of your house. The thing you need to know is you need to know the characteristics of door needed depends on the place.

Front door—To be used as a front door, the main function is to “protect” your house. Not only to beautify the frosted glass, frame is important to make it stronger. The wooden or metal frame is used to strengthen the front door. The frosted glass is better to be minimally used compared to wooden and metal material for the sake of safety. 

Patio door— The interior door is the perfect use for glass door. Having almost transparent border will let the sunlight from the garden come in, and you still can see what is outside.

Bathroom door—The frosted glass still let the privacy to be inside the room. Many people use it because it is relatively easy to clean. If you are not comfortable, just use the ordinary wooden or plastic door.

Door as a Space’s Door

Closet door—Unless you have a walk-in closet, closet cannot be called as a room. Using frosted glass door can give the space inside the closet enough sunlight so it will not be too humid.
Cabinet door—The cabinet will be prettier by having frosted of glass door on it!

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