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Electric of frosted glass: Switchable Glass

A new technology is ready to be brought to your house and office. Not a brand new TV or computer, but this is the technology in a glass? Sounds weird—not at all actually. You have known a clear glass and frosted glass, but this technology allows you to have both only in one piece of glass. 

This is electric of frosted glass.

How Can It Work?

                Electric of frosted glass is a glass panel which is connected to electricity. When the glass is switched on, the layers in the glass will turn to a clear, opaque glass through an electrical reaction. We can easily see what is inside the room. Conversely, when it is turned off, the glass will be left frosted. 

                The glass which is known as a smart glass is easy to operate. It can be operated manually or automatically, depends on the product you buy. For the manual use, it can be operated using remote or any device which has Bluetooth which can be integrated to this glass system.

The Advantage


                There have been many factories offer this product to the market. You can choose which one is suitable to your needs and budget. The specification also varied based on each manufacturer.

                The basic advantage is of course because it gives you two functions within a piece of glass. It can be both opaque and frosted, when you can choose which one to use based on your needs.

                This frosted glass, although electric, is quite safe for its use. It well-designed to be conveniently used by customers not only as a glass panels but also can be used in a bathroom and swimming pools—make sure you really check the product and guarantee before you buy it. The thickness is varied; it depends on how you will use it.  Also, most electric of frosted glass also protect you and your room from infrared and UV lights. What a useful product!

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